Venice Beach Merchant

My name? You can call me Zo.

I've been making jewelry as a business here at Venice for less than 6 months but have been making stuff for friends and family for awhile. One favorite part of my craft is to see or think of something and just make it happen. The other part is to make money out of that. I don't do that social media stuff right now because I don't want to get too big yet. I will definitely brand my jewelry in the near future. Then everyone will know me. I'm not sure if I will stay here or brand elsewhere else too. I used to live in NYC and I loved it. There was just something about a big city, it was promiscuous, you never saw the same people. Sure. it's beautiful here and I love everyone, but you see everything. You see the good, but you also see the bad, and sometimes the bad is heartbreaking. I just want to make people smile, and I think they do with my creations.