Soon You'll Understand

At the moment, I’m Oswin Benjamin’s manager and creative director…I used to produce but he doesn’t like my beats anymore. I do just about everything…make sure he gets to where he needs to be, make sure he knows the address of meetings, make sure he doesn’t get lost when he has that address, make sure he eats, answer emails, I pick the artwork, anything creative. I’m just there to help him with anything he needs...Including listening to him bother me while I’m doing this interview.

In the end, I want to help Oswin become one of the top 5 rappers of all time. No actually, one of the top 5 artists of all time because he’s much more than a rapper. I also want to invest in a lot of things. I see myself opening up places in areas like the South Bronx where gentrification is taking over. I want to help people in the neighborhood that need money to create new businesses and survive. I want to help build community and culture…anything that can help elevate culture is what I want to do.

Music…Since about 7th grade I knew I wanted to do music, like producing. My mom was in music. She was in the industry doing management and all that other stuff so I was able to learn a lot. I knew music was always there. I went to school for it, the high school I went to was all about music. College not so much, but music was still always there. There was no getting away from it. Life forced me to be there.

How did I meet Oswin? To be honest, at first I didn’t like Oswin. Like at all. He was an idiot. I didn’t like how he looked, how he dressed, man he had fake Pradas on. (“The red joints?” – Oswin) Nah they weren’t red because they were fake! They were burgundy or something. He was also the dude that had eyeglasses without a prescription. C’mon man. I also used to play basketball with his brothers and cousins. I thought they were all annoying but when I actually met them for real they turned out to be some of the most amazing down to earth people, the most loving and supportive type.

But back to the music, I used to be a producer. That’s all I did. In college apparently I was really good, one of the best on campus so I was working with a lot of the artists there and that’s when Oswin hit me up. He wanted R & B beats because he sang. I was like man this is the guy I don’t really like but I figured why not. So after I gave him the beats we started hanging out more. We used to just sit around and talk about people like John Legend, Jasmine Sullivan, anything music and one day he just started freestlying with this guy and it was crazy. That’s when it hit me that Os was special. He was killing, so I had to pull him to the side and was like “Man, you have to rap! Like you need to do this”. We’ve been working together ever since. I even lived with him upstate with his family for a short time. Of all the time we’ve known each other, there’s probably only been one time where he fell off the face off the earth and didn’t like me. But that was only for a bit. Otherwise we have been side by side for the longest.

We see challenges every day. The biggest thing is people not believing. From day one, I believed. I was trying to get everyone to listen to Oswin and it was tough. But I have learned since then. Nowadays I don’t try pushing him onto anyone; I let people find out about him on their own. That’s why the first mixtape is called “Soon You’ll Understand” Volume 1. Because I used to always have to say it. Soon you’ll understand…soon you’ll get how amazing he really is. I already know it…He already knows it...The people close to us already know it. People are slowly beginning to understand and one day in the future, we won’t ever have to say it.

Personally it has been rough at times. A lot of people close to me believed the path I chose wasn’t the right path...including family. Everyone was saying, “You need a job, you need to do this, you need to do that…All sorts of things. When they found out I was going to move in with Os and produce his music they were telling me it was the dumbest decision I ever made. They kept reminding me about all the money I was passing up or the jobs I could have had and my response was always “I don’t want to do that”. I know this is going to work. I feel it in my soul. He’s going to be great. This is going to be great.

See we understand the value of hardship. I’ve been through plenty. Seen plenty of it. But we know you have to sacrifice things in life to achieve your goals. We’re looking at the bigger picture so nothing in the short term really fazes me. We’ve been homeless before, a couple of times actually but ok? There’s always going to be somewhere to sleep. There’s always going to be a studio. We’ll be there, work on our music, and take a nap if we have to, but we think differently. We haven’t worked hard enough to sleep long enough yet. We don’t have enough money now but that’s ok too because we’ll get money later on. We’re good. We know what it takes and we will get there.

This is strange for me. I’m usually the guy that doesn’t say anything but if I were to send a message to people reading it would be about love. Love is the answer. Peace and love. Also that Oswin is a scoundrel and I found out about this before all of you did! But it’s ok ‪#‎SoonYoullUnderstand‬.

- Tyler Busher
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