Seth & Carmelo

(Seth on left, Carmelo on right)

We're both unemployed. Actually homeless I guess. We decided to hit the road for the Holiday's and just travel. We have friends of friends who help us out with places to stay sometimes. We love playing music and we've just been going around places like here to just jam out and enjoy life. 

What do we want to do? Well we're honestly not into the whole career thing. We just want to do what we love. Music and friends keeps us going. It's funny because people look at us and think we're just regular old homeless people but actually we came from the suburbs! We have normal families and did the whole school thing like everyone else but it just wasn't for us. 

(Carmelo) If I was to pick a job, I would want to eventually work on alternative cures to Cancer, maybe better understand how Cannabis can be used medically for other sicknesses. I just personally know so many people who have benefitted to cures that are not medically mainstream. I think the industry is really corrupt, it's good to know some places like California are coming around. 

(Seth) For me, I regret going to College, actually no thats a silly thing to regret just cause I'm who I am because of everything I've ever done, so even if one thing was different I may not even be here. So yeah pretty much no regrets besides wishing I would've done this sooner. I just want to be happy - that's my career goal. 

(Seth) Other than playing music, we also have been volunteering and doing charity events to help out other people. We like helping others. I mean we've gotten job opportunities just by volunteering our time and being enthusiastic about stuff. We were in Baltimore for a couple of weeks and were helping out a couple of different charities that helped homeless people and intercity people that couldn't afford food and produce.It's so easy to donate your time and it makes so much difference in peoples lives. That means a lot to us when we can help people like that. I mean we're so grateful when people help us out, its like why not repay the favor. If everyone helped out more, the world would be so much better of a place.

(Carmelo) Its been a trip all summer, like I used to help out at homeless shelters back home when I wasn't homeless and just seeing it from the other side...its crazy, people treat you like dirt when you're homeless. Some people anyway, there are also a lot of really nice people out there who go out of their way to help you, to genuinely help you, not because they are being forced to. We need more people like that. 

(Seth) Theres some really cool homeless folks too man, just a whole community of people who support one another. We were just north of San Fran, and this is the first time this ever happened to us...a homeless dude stops us and gives us food - he was like "here you look like you guys could use it". He didn't even want anything back, he just wanted to help us out. People have all these misconceptions about who and what homeless people are like, and the answer is they're people, just like me and you..and they have hearts. 

(Carmelo) At the end of the day, I think we live in a really sick society. So many people are like zombies and they don't do what their heart tells them to do. It's like they didn't make a lot of choices for themselves. They just listened to what people thought they should do and now they feel trapped. I feel like we were able to escape that and just follow our hearts. 

(Seth) Yeah, it's like all people care about these days is chasing money or dreams that aren't theirs. I feel like I am so much happier now with less. It's hard to explain.