Amy Roiland

I am the CEO and founder of FashionTap app. I do everything for the company.

Before FashionTap I was the head PR marketing person at an e commerce denim company. I was fashion blogging every single day. I got to where I am today by being focused and constant and very persistent. I started FashionTap because I noticed a huge void in fashion and technology when I worked at that commerce company. I couldn't locate bloggers in Austin TX for SXSW and it was a nightmare. With FashionTap you can locate everyone in fashion by where they live and what they do in fashion!

I always wanted to run an entire company and be in business, I would lay in bed at such a young age and dream about being a boss and running a massive company. I have always had this in my blood, I love business and marketing.

There are so many obstacles you have to overcome to do what I am doing and more and more obstacles occur every single day. Right now we are in the middle of raising money for the app and this is never an easy task. We have an amazing product and I have an amazing background in fashion and PR but pitching the app every single day to someone new is draining. Being rejected is not a fun thing and even when I was blogging I would sometimes be rejected by brands and this would suck. I think staying positive and only focusing on the positive of things really helps.

We have over 50k users on FashionTap and everyone is loving it. We actually haven't had any bad comments or negative reviews on the app, which is amazing. I did Shark Tank and this was a huge obstacle and one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life. To go out there alone and showcase your baby and have no one really understand it burns. I got through it and look back at that experience and I killed it.

I want FashionTap to be the number 1 fashion social network in the world. I want this to be everyones first stop and to be the main fashion hub for all the brands designers and retailers to be on. I want to make marketers lives easier. I want everyone to be found and get work and get paid through my app. My biggest goal is to run an empire and to inspire every single young girl out there. I love doing talks and panels and inspiring everyone to go after their dreams and to stay focused. I really live to help everyone out in this industry and show everyone how they can make their own careers.

For anyone reading and in need of advice... Stick with your idea and really focus on one thing and go for it. It gets really tough a lot of the time and you will feel really bummed out a lot but keep going and focus on the positive and knock doors down. Be super persistent and make everyone see you and what you are doing! Talk to everyone around you about what you are up to and the universe will guide you along and the right people will hear you. I went to my brothers Rick and Morty wrap party and I talked to everyone about my app and it was funny because some of the animators on his show were related to fashion people and connected me with those people. You never ever know who can help you, spread the word.



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