What is Project Lmytless? 


Project Lmytless is the visual storytelling of every day people chasing their dreams and overcoming obstacles.

This project is designed for those that have lost their way...For those who are still figuring it out...for those stuck in their 9-5's...Simply, for those who've abandoned their dreams because it wasn't practical. If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place. Far too many have let their creative spirits die and our goal is to revive that. Keeping a close circle of inspirational people is one of the best ways to get motivated. But we understand not everyone has access to these types of people. Project Lmytless seeks to be that connection point, bridging you to inspiration no matter where you are. Our hope is these stories of people chasing their dreams inspire you do the same. 

About Me 

Professionally, I'm a Marketing Recruiter hiring in the Fashion & Retail Industry. My job is focused around the value of people and connection. I got into Recruitment by accident. I was lost in college and couldn't find myself committing to anything and was forced to figure it out.

I had to resort to networking day in and day out, which is much easier said than done for a once anti-social introvert. Those who know me now may be shocked to hear that I was anything but outspoken... But it's true, or was true anyway. 

Since then, I've made a name for myself following one core idea, "we are all equal". I never let titles or status intimidate me and that approach has opened many doors. 

These days I am trying hard to balance corporate life with a more meaningful creative outlet expressed through words and visuals. I'm obsessed with storytelling and it's core connection to empathy. I hope to achieve that with Project Lmytless and inspire people to take control of their potential.